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Player management


Career Counseling

We help our clients manage the transition to and challenge of a professional athlete by offering career counseling services.

Our counseling sessions help our clients to focus on career goals and establish a career plan, which will in turn help them achieve those goals and maximize their earning potential.

ASM International is focused on maintaining long-term relationships with our clients while sourcing the best opportunities for them to have successful and rewarding careers.

Contract Negotiation

The world of professional sport is controlled by the player contract. In this arena, negotiation skills and knowledge of the applicable marketplace are essential.

We perform extensive market research on all prospective leagues and clubs, prior year contracts, and the appropriate salary ranges in those markets and use this data to negotiate the best possible contract for our clients.

We actively promote the market value of each of our clients with their prospective or current employer through aggressive negotiation and the exploration of all contract options, to build the most complete contract package, while still maintaining each client’s image and integrity.


Dispute Resolution

If a team or league treats a client unfairly or acts in such a way as to violate the terms of a player’s contract, we act as a liaison between our athletes and their team’s or league’s management.

ASM International will address administrative matters such as travel arrangements, fines or suspensions, medical problems, disputes over playing time and any other career matters on behalf of our clients.

Financial Planning

We know how critical and short-lived earnings can be while making a living in professional sports.

ASM International helps our clients put together a financial plan while educating them regarding their financial future.

Financial security may seem like a given for top professional athletes who earn millions during their careers.

However, even the athlete fortunate enough to leave the game at age thirty-five (35) must have more than $4 million in income-producing investments to sustain a $100,000 annual after-tax income for the next fifty years.

The financial team at ASM International helps devise a game plan for achieving the athlete’s financial goals.


Medical & Legal Network Referral

Due to high salaries and corresponding pressure to perform in today’s professional sports world, teams and players may have different priorities when dealing with athlete injuries.

We encourage all our clients to seek outside, independent medical advice before deciding when to resume post-injury play.

To assist in this process, we have built up a relationship with a number of sports medicine physicians and can arrange examinations and consultations for injured athletes.

Should the need arise, our global network of legal professionals can provide our clients top-notch legal advice and representation anywhere in the world.

Post-Career Planning

The reality of professional sports is that athletes have a limited career lifespan and should proactively plan for when their playing career is over.

We work with our clients to determine what their post-career goals are and develop a plan on how to best achieve them.

For some clients, this may involve taking courses in the off-season towards earning a degree or diploma, while for others it is merely a matter of finding out what the requirements are for their chosen future career.

We utilize our network of industry contacts to assist our clients in identifying and sourcing post-career opportunities.


Portfolio Development

An athlete’s portfolio is their passport to maximizing career opportunities.

We work with our clients in developing their individual electronic portfolio, including a comprehensive athlete bio and highlight video.

These are invaluable tools that help in branding our clients and improving their market value while providing a convenient and proactive resource for prospective scouts, coaches, managers, and clubs.

Commercial Endorsement

In addition to developing our client’s portfolio, we aggressively pursue endorsements and other commercial opportunities for our clients on a local, regional, national, and international basis.

We design a strategic marketing plan for each client to help maximize their income potential both during and after their playing career.

Our marketing pros create promotional strategies and marketing materials that enhance our client’s image, while considering factors such as primary market, public image, outside interests and in-season/off-season availability.

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